Hurricane Season Checklist for Sarasota Florida

Hurricane Season is Here: Are You Ready?

Paradise Home Watch is committed to keeping our clients’ homes in good condition through the upcoming hurricane season. We will be happy to discuss our inspection service options with you before and after any named storms. We are also concerned for our customers who may be staying in Florida during hurricane season. Here are some tips to be ready for our annual Florida hurricane season:

Where should you go? — If you need to evacuate know both the best roads to use for evacuation and have a plan ready for where you can stay. You should also put together a hurricane kit containing a flashlight, extra batteries, some cash in small bills, first aid kit, a battery-operated weather radio, and copies of critical paperwork to take with you. Have your medications ready to take with you. Our clients should call Paradise Home Watch and let us know when you are leaving and how we can reach you if different from your existing contact information.

What if I stay home? — If you plan to stay in your home, be prepared for a power outage which could last for several days. Have drinking water ready (a gallon per person per day is recommended), fill a bathtub with water to use for toilet flushing with a bucket, and consider having a camping cookstove to heat water or cook a hot meal. Have canned or dehydrated foods available, and don’t forget pet food and your medications. Make sure your mobile phones are fully charged, and consider having a backup battery in case the power doesn’t return. Arrange to keep in touch with a friend or family member outside of Florida to let them know you are safe. Use text messaging when possible, it’s more likely to work when cell towers are overwhelmed with calls during any emergency.

Take advantage of community notifications — You may have access to emergency notification systems in your area. Sarasota County Florida uses the CodeRed system, and you can get more information and register by going to You can receive phone calls or text messages when emergencies occur including hurricane notifications. Storm warnings will also appear on your local news stations, and popular Internet weather channels have registrations available to receive storm updates by text or email.

Understand what hurricane watches and warnings mean — A hurricane watch means hurricane force winds and heavy flooding rains are expected within the next 48 hours. Get your hurricane kit ready and stay aware. Make sure your storm shutters are closed and secure. Move any loose outdoor items indoors. A hurricane warning means these conditions are expected within 36 hours. You should make arrangements to evacuate if you are in a flood zone or mobile home, or have other reasons such as medical conditions that require more time to evacuate. Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting, then don’t open the door unless necessary. Have an emergency radio ready which can run on batteries in the event your power fails.

Paradise Home Watch stands ready to help our clients with their home inspections during our hurricane season. If you are looking for quality and professional home inspection services, Contact Paradise Home Watch today!

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