Preventing Water Damage in Sarasota Home

Prevent Water Damage in Your Sarasota Home

Homeowners are often concerned about water damage from storms and floods, but rarely consider the damage that can occur if appliances or plumbing fails in the home. Water damage is much more likely to cause damage than a fire, and it accounts for about 25 percent of all homeowner insurance claims.

There are several different sources of water which can damage your home, including:

  • Plumbing
  • Appliances such as water heaters, washers, and dishwashers
  • Condensate drains from air conditioners
  • Hot water baseboard heaters

There are actions you can take to help minimize or prevent water damage in your home.

  • First, learn where your home’s water shutoff valve is located. Test it to make sure it is working and not stuck open. You may need it so confirm it operates correctly. If not, get the valve replaced quickly.
  • If you live in climates where freezing weather can occur, shut off your water and drain the piping if you plan to be away during winter months. Other months simply shut off the water supply. Turn off your water heater. Check with your heating or plumbing professional about shutting off house water if you have steam heat or a fire sprinkler system, as the water may need to be left on and the heat left on to protect them.
  • If possible, put a drain pan under your water heater to capture leaks.
  • Regularly inspect visible plumbing under sinks, tubs, showers, and so forth. Repair any leaks promptly. Evidence of corrosion can indicate a leak so get it checked.
  • Use strong braided metal hoses for your ice machine and washing machine hoses.
  • Inspect caulking around tubs and sinks and repair it quickly if you see cracks or holes where water can enter into the walls.
  • Have your air conditioning professional show you where your condensate drain is located and how to keep it clean and unclogged.

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