Stay Safe During a Severe Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are a part of nature. However, severe thunderstorms can take a toll on our Sarasota homes and create an unsafe environment. Learn how you can stay safe during a severe thunderstorm by continuing on with this blog post.

If you think a storm is coming, watch the forecast on your television, tablet, or smartphone. The forecast will tell you if a severe thunderstorm is on its way. It will also tell you the severity of the thunderstorm and offer advice on to how to prepare. If the storm can potentially affect power, stock a radio with batteries or charge your devices to stay connected in a power outage.

If a storm is heading your way, prepare your home for the harsh weather. If you have any outdoor furniture, bring the patio furniture in so it does not get damaged by wind or hail. You will also want to shut any shutter windows, unplug appliances, and bring your pets inside. As storm season approaches, you should also cut down dead or rotting trees to prevent branches from falling during high winds and heavy rainfall.

Once the storm arrives, be sure to stay inside and away from windows and doors. Have a cell phone or landline phone on you in case you need to call someone, but avoid cord phones. You should also avoid doing the dishes, laundry, or taking a shower during thunderstorms. If the storm has high winds or might become a tornado, head to a room with no windows.

At Paradise Home Watch, we can help protect your home in the event of a storm. Whether you are home or not, our team can prepare your home for the stormy weather season. Learn more about how we can keep your home safe at 941-866-2440.

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