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Storing Your Vehicle During Florida’s Summer Months

Spending this hot Florida summer in another state to avoid the heat? If so, you’re probably storing your car in a Florida garage to keep it safe while you are away. If this is the case, you want to make sure your car is secure and protected while you are gone. By checking out the advice in the following blog post, you can learn how to keep your car properly stored during the Florida summer months. Check it out:

Florida summers are humid, there’s no getting around it. Unfortunately, most people don’t have an air-conditioned garage to keep their car protected from the moist air. Garages are especially known to lock in humidity, so consider purchasing a box fan or dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air in your garage. You can find programmable timers that will turn the fans and dehumidifiers on and off, so you are not wasting electrically or over-running the items.

Everybody has a different opinion on this matter, so it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to open your car windows or keep them closed when your vehicle is in storage. With the windows open, air can circulate throughout your vehicle. However, if you have a leak or uncirculated humid air in your garage, this can cause mold to grow. On the other hand, closing the windows of your car will prevent mold growth, but may not circulate air throughout the cabin. If you decide to keep your windows closed, close the vents in your vehicle as well.

If you are not driving your car for several months during the summer, you will want to make sure to maintain the vehicle’s battery. You can choose to disconnect the battery to avoid draining it, you can connect a vehicle battery maintainer to your battery to keep it maintained, or you can leave the battery as is for the summer and cross your fingers. Leaving your battery alone means you don’t have to lose dashboard and radio settings and you don’t have to worry about a maintainer malfunctioning and catching on fire. Some service technicians may even suggest leaving the battery alone, but this depends on your specific vehicle and its battery.

If you’re keeping your car in the garage this summer while you are away, consider reaching out to Paradise Home Watch. At Paradise Home Watch, we can check in on your garage to make sure your car is secure and protected. We can check for excess humidity, mold, and more, so give us a call at 941-866-2440 to learn more about our home watch services.

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