These Tips Can Prevent Mold in Your Home

Mold may be natural, but it’s not the best thing for your Sarasota home. Mold is unhealthy for humans and pets and can damage your house. If you plan on leaving your home for a few months, or you’re packing up and leaving your summer home for the year, remember to take the precautionary steps to prevent mold from growing in your home.

To help your home become mold-resistant, identify areas that are most susceptible to mold growth. Some common spaces are windows, basements, and bathtubs. Once you identify areas of your home that tend to get damp or wet, take the steps to prevent mold from growing. The first step is drying the areas. Then, provide ventilation to prevent the moisture from collecting in the first place.

Adding ventilation to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements can reduce the risk of mold growth. Consider AC units or dehumidifiers for ventilation. You should also think about mold-resistant drywall, Sheetrock, or paints. These products can help decrease the risk of mold growth in your space.

Live in a humid area? It’s important to keep the humidity outside if you want to reduce the risk of mold growth. Humidity can add unnecessary moisture to your home and contribute to the growth of mold. It is recommended that individuals keep their homes between 30 and 60 percent humidity. Achieve this with AC units, air flow, and consistent care.

For help keeping your home mold free while you are away, consider reaching out to Paradise Home Watch. Our team of professional and trustworthy staff can keep an eye on your home and prevent mold from growing while you are away. Learn more about our home watch services by giving us a call at 941-866-2440 today!

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