Paradise Home Watch Services LLC

Welcome to Paradise Home Watch!

Welcome to Paradise Home Watch! Our company was created provide your home with protection, and you with peace of mind. At Paradise Home Watch we watch our clients homes when they are away, whether it is a for a few days or for a few months. We will visit your property frequently to be sure your home is safe and secure. We go above and beyond the “neighbor doing a favor” or the “hobby home watch person.” Instead, our team of professionals will visit your home on a regular schedule to be sure nothing irregular occurs.

Homes are a significant investment, so you want to be sure your home is always protected. Paradise Home Watch will do more than drive past your home every once in a while. Instead, we will keep an eye on your home to be sure everything is in tip-top shape. Unlike casual home watchers, we will inspect for things others might look over. If water is leaking, furniture has been moved, humidistats are not set correctly, or so on, we will notice. Our attention to detail, our connection to home care resources, and our commitment to caring for your home sets us apart from the rest.

Paradise Home Watch is a licensed and insured company, and all of our inspectors are bonded. We also offer our customers weekly and bi-weekly inspection plans, as well as automatic inspection reports. We are available 24/7, so feel free to call us at any moment to be sure your home is safe and secure. We are available by phone at 941-866-2440. Also, give us a call if you are interested in our services, or you can email us at We hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to protecting your home!

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