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What Does a Property Manager Do?

You’ve probably heard of a landlord or a property investor, and you know what these individuals do for a living, but what about a property manager? Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to learn more about the one you’re already living in, the following blog post contains details about the responsibilities of a property manager. Learn more by reading on.

A property manager is hired by a landlord or property investor to assist with the day-to-day operations of running a rental property. One of the major roles of a property manager is to set, collect, and adjust the rent. A property manager is also responsible for finding potential tenants, filling vacancies, screening tenants, and handling leases. If you are applying for a lease, you’re likely working with a property manager. Property managers help with the moving in process, as well as the moving out or eviction process.

When your rental property requires maintenance, you will likely communicate with the property manager. A property manager will connect you with the rental property maintenance team or recruit a company to solve any problems you may have.

It is a property manager’s job to understand the landlord-tenant law and follow these statewide and national rules. These laws relate to tenant screening, security deposits, lease termination, evictions, and safety standards.

Like a manager at any other job, a property manager is in charge of overseeing employees. A property manager can hire and fire staff, including security personnel, maintenance staff, concierges, and so on.

If you currently live in a rental property or are planning to move into one, you now know what a property manager does for a living! Protect your rental space with help from Paradise Home Watch. A property manager has a lot on their plate, so we can help you keep your home safe in the event of an emergency. Learn more about our services by contacting 941-866-2440 today!

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