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Your home will be one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. At Paradise Home Watch, in Sarasota, we offer you a "peace of mind", knowing your home is being professionally watched when you are away for a few weeks or a few months. Our frequent property visits will provide you with much more than the “hobby home watch person” or a “neighbor doing a favor!"

Properties simply cannot be left unattended. It is the duty of the Home Watch Professional to visit the home on a regular schedule to find irregularities. This is accomplished by a systematic check of the property. Should damage be discovered, or situations arise, the Home Watch Professional has a variety of resources available to help remedy the condition in a timely manner.

Remember… It's not if something happens, but when something happens. The question is! Will you be prepared?

The Exceptional Home Watch Visit

A vacant home is a vulnerable home. Our clients trust Paradise Home Watch to watch over their investment. It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. As home watch professionals we will conduct a systematic comprehensive check of the property, looking for all irregularities.

Obvious - Apparent - Hidden

Almost anyone can see the obvious. Even the untrained home watch provider, or neighbor doing a favor, will notice water leaking, yes, if it is obviously still running or if there is a puddle. Many do not look in areas common to water intrusion or behind and under furniture and appliances.

Many people watching over homes do not know the proper setting for a humidistat, are clueless on general household equipment operation, have not even been taught to turn off the water when the home is vacant and so much more.

As Home Watch Professionals our expertise, attention to detail, resources and commitment to constant learning keep all our skills up to date to protect the homes of our valued clients.

We will detect the apparent and look for the hidden signs of anything that is out of place or unusual.

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Sarasota's Most Trusted Home Watch Company… While You Are Away.

Who is there to protect your home investment when you are 1,200 miles away for prolonged periods of time? Who is there to keep an eye on your home while you take a short weekend trip? The answer is Paradise Home Watch of Sarasota County, Florida.

Our company is licensed & insured and all of our inspectors are bonded
Automatic inspection reports are generated for each visit to your home
We offer weekly and bi-weekly inspection plans
Call us anytime. Our answering services is available all day, every day
Paradise Home Watch Services, LLC is fully accredited by the National Home Watch Association and founding members of the International Home Watch Alliance.